Your Partner to Grow Company Sales and Profit

Rasmussen_T pro photoWe have been in your shoes, and understand what it takes to grow a business profitably.

Our work is founded on experience in all facets of business from Marketing and Sales to Operations , R&D, Accounting and Finance. Take a look at our experience.

We are your partner for business growth, the results of which improve our economy and community around us.

Clients gain proven methods.
We work with you to bring clarity to your business challenges. We develop and implement effective strategies to accelerate  growth.  Solutions are practical and simple. 

What do you need? Take a look at what we offer below.

What are my company’s best growth opportunities?
Which new product, new market or part of the world?
Our Solution: Strategic Marketing and Implementation

What do I need to do to generate more, profitable customers?
Our Solution: Market Research to uncover your most compelling value

How do I get the financing to grow?
Our Solution: Financing through Business Plans/Grant Applications:

How can my business be more profitable?
Our Solution: Financial Analysis

How can I make money to support my social mission?
Our Solution: Social Enterprise Services

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Pricing: We offer hourly, monthly, or per project fees, as needed.  Where relevant, we are happy to base some of our fee on results or to put some ‘skin in the game.’  Our goal is to be an effective business growth partner for you – to help you grow your business.





Photo credit: Tim Byrne